FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – The International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI), in conjunction with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, is pleased to announce that it will be holding a three-day commercialization workshop for six selected Philippine universities beginning September 15th, 2014 in Manila.

Dr. Richard Cahoon, former Director of Technology Transfer at Cornell University, will be leading the workshop. Richard Litman, IIPI’s General Counsel, and Jenna Leventoff, IIPI’s Manager and Legal Counsel, will also be in attendance.

The workshop will teach the selected universities about the commercialization process from start to finish by identifying specific opportunities for commercialization. Each of the six participating universities was invited to submit up to four proprietary technologies for consideration. Of the technologies submitted, IIPI’s experts will select one from each of the participating universities. These selected technologies will be the subject of in-depth assistance at the workshop. At the conclusion of the workshop, each university will be able to produce a commercialization package and a professional-quality commercialization pitch. Ultimately, IIPI hopes to use this project as a model to help other countries build economic capacity through technology commercialization.

“I’m delighted to be a key participant in IIPI’s project and I’m particularly excited that this project can serve as a model for other countries. This project will do a lot to build capacity across the globe.”

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