International Intellectual Property Institute

Promoting awareness and understanding of the role of intellectual property rights in technology and the arts.

About IIPI

The International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) is the foremost organization for providing education and training on intellectual property (IP) rights to leaders and innovators in developing countries. IIPI programs provide training on matters such as the commercialization of publicly funded research, protecting and maximizing the benefits of traditional culture, and state of the art mechanisms for judicial resolution of IP related disputes.


With over two decades of experience working with countries and regional groups worldwide, IIPI understands the national and international IP landscape and knows how to build constituencies to achieve results.


As a nonprofit, IIPI strives to provide services by the most cost-effective means.


In a field dominated by advocacy groups, IIPI is one of the few independent organizations explaining and improving IP systems to foster economic growth in all countries

What We Do

  • Educate government leaders about the economic value of IP protection
  • Support the ability of creative artists to protect and monetize their works
  • Support academic institutions, independent inventors, and small businesses in commercializing their inventions through the IP system.
  • Conduct research on the economic impact of intellectual property rights.

How We Help You

  • Demystify IP rights for creators, innovators, and policy makers by presenting the facts about their benefits and role in economic development
  • Provide guidance on using IP rights efficiently and effectively
  • Expand opportunities for all people to harness their creativity and innovations

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