The International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) has been awarded General Services Administration (GSA) Contract GS02F0168Y for Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS). GSA is the government agency responsible for managing procurement. GSA has determined that IIPI is qualified to provide Consulting (SIN 874-1) and Training Services (SIN 874-4) and that its prices are fair and reasonable. Federal, State, and Local government customers and certain international organizations can take advantage of the Schedule Contract and place task orders directly with the Institute. Purchasing from the Schedule can greatly simplify the procurement process.

Purchasing from the Schedule

If your organization needs outside sources to provide MOBIS services, follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW)
    The SOW must include:
    Work to be performed;
    Location of work;
    Period of performance;
    Deliverable Schedule;
    Inspection and acceptance requirements; and
    Any special requirements such as security clearances, travel or special knowledge.
  2. Prepare a Request for Quote (RFQ) if Needed
    An RFQ is needed if (1) a services requirement for which an SOW is needed exceeds the micro-purchase threshold or (2) any supplies or services requirement, whether an SOW is required or not, exceeds the simplified acquisition threshold. The RFQ must include the SOW and the criteria that will be used to select a contractor. Selection criteria include technical excellence, management capability, prior experience, personnel qualifications, delivery or performance schedule compliance and/or past performance, etc. If an RFQ is not needed, select the contractor that best meets requirements.
  3. If Needed, Provide RFQ to Contractors
    If needed, an RFQ must be provided to at least three contractors. “Providing” an RFQ includes posting the RFQ on GSA’s RFQ website, eBuy. After the RFQ has been provided, evaluate offers from contractors and select the offset that best meets requirements. Seek additional price reductions from the schedule contract prices where appropriate.

For more information, visit the GSA website here.

The Terms and Conditions of our Schedule Contract, including pricing information, can be downloaded here. If you are interested in using the Schedule Contract to hire our services, please contact Susan Nilon at