Experts from the International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) based in Washington, DC,  will hold group and individual training sessions on intellectual property under the IIPI USPTO Innovation Opportunities Program from July 11 to 12 and from July 22 to 24, 2013.

USC is one among six selected ITSO-hosting institutions in the Philippines enjoying the support of IIPI for this training. Mr. Andrew Jaynes, Executive Director and General Counsel of IIPI, Dr. Richard Cahoon, President, BioProperty Strategy Group, Inc., Dr. Stanley Kowalski, professor of Law and Director of the International Technology Transfer Institute, University of New Hampshire School of Law and Mr. Jason Nickla, Director of Intellectual Property, University of Nebraska Medical Center, will be in the Philippines to conduct the second phase of the training in selected ITSOs under the IIPI-USPTO Innovation Opportunities Program.

Selected ITSO institutions first visited by the same team last April 12 are Bicol University, De la Salle University, Iloilo Science and Technology University (formerly Western Visayas College of Science and Technology), University of Southeastern University, University of Santo Tomas and University of San Carlos. In Cebu, the team will conduct group sessions at Radisson Blu Hotel from Jul 11 to 12 on the following  topics: patent filing and marketing strategies, setting up an invention disclosure system, conducting invention analyses, alternatives to patent protection, and building industry alliances.

Aside from the ITSO personnel, invited to join the training are selected faculty-researchers from the College of Engineering and CAS Science Division to take advantage of the experts’ presence in Cebu. A separate individual session exclusive to USC researchers will take place at USC’s Learning Resource Center from  July 22 to 24 with Dr. Dick Cahoon, especially for those who have developed technologies that can be used as teaching tools and help USC with patenting and commercialization strategies.

USC is the first ITSO to file patent applications when the ITSO franchise was launched last March 22, 2012. It also filed this year for two Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications of its inventions – one of which is now the subject of a startup company (see related news).

USC Office of Research / Innovation and Technology Support Office (ITSO)

9 July 2013