New Feature Meant to Encourage Discourse on IP Issues

Washington, DC The International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) today launched a public Discussion Forum focusing on the European Union’s proposed Directive on Computer Implemented Inventions (CII). The EU CII Discussion Forum will feature a short weekly article discussing an aspect of the CII debate. Visitors to the site will be able to post comments responding to articles, as well as the posts of other visitors. The Discussion Forum does not require registration but will be moderated.

The first article kicking off the EU CII Discussion Forum was supplied by Dr. Jacques Michel. Dr. Michel is a former Vice-President of the European Patent Office and is a member of IIPI’s Board of Advisors. In his article, Dr. Michel provides an overview of the controversy surrounding the proposed CII Directive. Dr. Michel will be a regular contributor to the Discussion Forum, but several other guest authors will also be featured. While IIPI is a US-based organization, articles posted on EU CII Discussion forum will come primarily from European authors.

The Discussion Forum, a new feature to the IIPI website, is intended to encourage public discourse on a range of intellectual property issues. “There has been a lot of incorrect information proffered by other non-governmental organizations claiming to represent anti-intellectual property constituencies around the world,” stated Eric Garduño, an IIPI Project Attorney working on the Discussion Forum project. “One very clear case of this is in the context of so-called grassroots groups challenging the CII Directive.” Contingent on the success of the EU CII Discussion Forum, IIPI plans on hosting Discussion Forums on other topics in the future.