FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – 25 October 2012. Washington. Today, the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC) released the 2012 edition of its “Signs of Competitiveness in the Americas” report. The report features an article, “Using Intellectual Property Rights to Increase Competitiveness,” written by the Institute’s Chairman and President, Hon. Bruce Lehman, and its Vice-Chairman, Jorge Amigo. Mr. Lehman and Mr. Amigo argue that Latin American countries can utilize intellectual property rights to improve key indicators of competiveness. In the report, they present six broad recommendations for countries pursuing such a strategy.

Mr. Lehman and Mr. Amigo emphasized the importance of collaboration. They noted the willingness of governments, intergovernmental organizations, and non-governmental organizations, such as the Institute, to assist Latin American countries in improving their intellectual property rights infrastructure. Mr. Lehman and Mr. Amigo highlight several Institute projects as positive examples, including the Institute’s ongoing Innovation Opportunities project, a joint project conducted in cooperation with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.

Read the report in English here or in Spanish here. Mr. Lehman’s and Mr. Amigo’s article begins on page 38 of the report.

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