Who We Are
The International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) is the foremost organization for providing education and guidance about intellectual property (IP) rights to leaders and innovators in developing countries. Since 1998, the nonprofit organization has worked with nations to create jobs and increase competitiveness through the use of IP rights. IIPI has also helped stem the tide of counterfeit goods into the US and reduce patent infringement and unfair competition.

What We Do
Cultivate innovation economies and reduce piracy and counterfeiting around the globe by conducting workshops, hands-on training programs, educational events, and in-depth research for public and private stakeholders. Here are just a few of the specific ways in which we support economic development:

  • Educate government leaders about the economic value of IP protection
  • Help traditional artisans – primarily women – protect and promote their cultural products
  • Teach university researchers how to commercialize their inventions
  • Analyze the economic impact of international IP rules

How We Help You

  • Demystify IP rights by presenting the facts about their benefits and role in economic development
  • Build markets for technology-intensive products and services
  • Provide guidance on using IP rights efficiently and effectively
  • Create opportunities for the economically disadvantaged to harness their creativity and innovation