Washington, DC. The Asia Pacific Conference on Strategies for Building a Competitive Software Industry was successfully concluded today. The conference was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Beijing, from June 28-29. IIPI organized this conference in association with the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), the China Software Industry Association and the Beijing Software Industry Association.

Software innovation drives information and communications technology which is the heart of a knowledge-based economy. Many governments in the Asia-Pacific region have made significant efforts to develop local software industries that can be competitve in the world market. In their efforts, they are confronted with a myriad of policy choices. This conference provided an informed dialogue on different approaches to support software industries and covered a broad range of issues such as intellectual property rights, licensing, business models, commercialization, procurement, open standards, interoperability, public policy and the role of industry.

Program tracks inlcuded 1) Intellectual Property Rights; Models for Software Development and Trends; 2) Public Policy in Facilitating the Development the Software Industry; 3) Government and Industry Partnership for Competitive Advantage; and 4) Perspectives from Local Industry (Case studies).

“The conference provided an excellent discussion of regional and world software issues,” commented IIPI Senior Project Attorney Eric Garduño. “It Was especially important to hold the event in Beijing, since there is a lot going on there to build a strong local software industry.”

The conference featured a distinguished group of speakers and industry players from Asia and around the world. Among the speakers were IIPI’s Chairman, Hon. Bruce A Lehman, and Dr. Gao Lulin, an member of IIPI’s Board of Advisors.