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Access to HIV/AIDS Pharmaceuticals and the Issue of Rights

Access to HIV/AIDS Pharmaceuticals and the Issue of Rights

Lee Gillespie-White – Washington – November 2002 WashingtonDC111802 Photo © Sean Warren 2006 ... Read More »

Health and Patents: The Rights Issue

Lee Gillespie-White – New York – June 2002 NewYork ... Read More »

Patents and Health

Hon. Bruce Lehman – Beijing – May 2002 Beijing_Health_052202 ... Read More »

Treading an Independent Course for Protecting Traditional Knowledge

TK0402 ... Read More »

What did Doha Accomplish? The Doha Declaration on Intellectual Property Rights and Access to Medicines

Doha ... Read More »

Institute Honored at United Nations Global Community Day

Washington, DC – IIPI’s Lee Gillespie-White accepts an award at UN Global Community Day The International Intellectual Property Institute (IIPI) today received a Blue Ribbon Award from the United Nations Association of the National Capitol Area as part of the Association’s annual Global Community Day activities.... Read More »

Do Patents for Antiretroviral Drugs Constrain Access to Aids Treatment in Africa

Antiretroviral Article ... Read More »

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