IIPI and BNA to Host “Trade Secrets: The New Frontier in a Changing IP Landscape”

IIPI and BNA to Host “Trade Secrets: The New Frontier in a Changing IP Landscape”


On December 3, 2014 IIPI and BNA will host “Trade Secrets: The New Frontier in a Changing IP Landscape” in New York City. Trade secrets have become increasingly important to companies worldwide as a way to protect valuable business methods, information, formulas, and innovations not squarely protected by patents and other forms of intellectual property rights. The faculty presenting this conference will teach corporate counsel and attorneys who represent innovation-based companies about protecting trade secrets as well as the pros and cons of claiming trade secret rights instead of patent or other intellectual property protection. They will address existing trade secret laws, the proposed federal trade secret law, and strategies and tips for creating policies and procedures for the workplace and the employment relationship.

Attendees will:

• Learn about the proposed Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2014, which would create a federal cause of action better enabling companies to protect their secrets in today’s global economy. This would be a change from current trade secret laws, which are primarily state-based.

• Gain useful insights into protecting innovation through detailed descriptions of best practices, corporate policies and procedures that will ensure protection of trade secrets despite the risks presented by social media and the Internet.

• Understand helpful approaches to ensuring that current and former employees do not jeopardize trade secret protection.

• Learn how to handle innovation developed by and entrusted to a highly mobile knowledge based workforce and to make informed decisions about intellectual property protection in the current era where easy data transfer and corporate espionage present significant risks to innovation based companies.

You can learn more or register for the event here.

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